Apr 18 - Did you know?

We’re open to non-members too!

Come along this week and enjoy the view with a great selection of food and drink.

Apr 13 - Glad you’re back

Thyme & Season

Check out their menu now serving at Flixton

Apr 11 - We're Open

Our bar is set up, and waiting for you, come in tomorrow and enjoy your first draft pint of the year on our balcony overlooking the golf course.

No pre-booking required, no time limits on tables and no substantial meal requirements! 

Open 12-8 pm every day.

In Other news...

Apr 23


1. J.Hilton & R.Jolley 45 points CPO

2. D.Porter & N.Bradshaw 45 points

3. I.Taylor & P.Egan 44 points CPO


Nearest the pin on 3rd M.Stocks

Nearest the pin on 15 T.Mahmood


A great turnout, and well done to John & Ron!

Apr 26

Winning Sundays.

Congrats to our MDGA Dunham (6-1) and Foursomes (4-3) teams yesterday which won their first-round knockout matches!

On to the next round.

Other News

Main photo by @robpimlott