Firstly the Captain/President and club council would like to thank every member who has supported the club through such a difficult year. Hopefully, 2021 will get back to some normality, and we can enjoy the benefits that FGC has to offer.

Now for some great news.

As a thank you to our members FGC council have agreed that there will be no rise in fees for 2021. This is not an easy decision to take, but we feel that after a disrupted year, it’s a way to repay our members for their support of a great club. The only rises will be age (young adults or play more golf raise their fees). We hope you welcome this fantastic news and continue to enjoy being an FGC Member.

More great news for 2021 that will enhance your experience of being a member at Flixton.

1) A finance package has been obtained to provide course improvements. The course was already in the best condition we have seen for a long time, which will only add to its continued improvement.

2) The drainage problem we have on the 3/4 fairways will be addressed this year, monies raised through the crowdfunding will go towards the payment plus some club funds.

3) The gents’ locker room is to undergo a full refurbishment, our insurance will fund this from the flood we had. Can I please ask you to be patient whilst work is ongoing. We plan to spend in the region of £50K on this project.

4)The club’s front has undergone a makeover, new fences, new markings and new signage. Many thanks to all the volunteers who have transformed the look of the club.

5)A return to the MDGA after a ten-year absence enables us to enter all the prestigious knock-out tournaments in the Manchester region.

We really hope 2021 will be a much better year and with all this great news we are certainly on the right path to better times.

We want all our members to know how much we value your support and hope to see you all soon.

Best Regards

Mr Secretary

Flixton from above - Jan 25

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